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Concept Craft

Jul 16, 2019

Rob and Cari talk about playing D&D for a year, ups and downs, class issues, fun things, good memories, interesting things that happened and more!

Dec 25, 2018

This was just a fun D&D One Shot game played by the "Time Zoners" D&D group of Steven, Rob, Scott, Matt, Cari, and Kristen. This particular week Steven took his first crack at the DM chair and we recorded the session for posterity and so Kris and Matt who couldn't make it could listen to the game any ways. We also had...

Sep 24, 2018

Rob has to DM a Honey Heist game this week for the D&D group, so we figured we should record it and send it to our DM and share the session with you all! Featured is Cari (Bearbra), SmileyKris (Lee), JanJinkle (Koka), and StevenSensei (Lloyd).