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Concept Craft

Aug 1, 2017

Greetings commuters, I’m Rob May and welcome to Concept Craft! This show is a mental musings outlet for me to talk about some topics I’m passionate about that don’t fit into my other podcasts on Overwatch and Hearthstone.

What you can expect from this show moving forward:

  • No longer than 20-30min shows
  • Topics of a wide range of things I’m passionate about including:
    • Cultural stuff that comes up in life as I live in Japan
    • Content Creation snags, tips, advice, rants
    • Gaming outside of HS and OW
    • Thoughts about mentality inside and outside of games
    • How worldview affects basically anything
    • Bringing positivity to the forefront of life
    • Community maintenance and growth snags and tips

Today’s Topic: Quality that works for your Content.

  • The Podcast Triforce: Quality, Personality, Content
    • Content is at the top, but rests on the foundation of Quality and Personality
  • Quality is the most divisive of these.
    • How do people listen?
    • How do people record?
  • Low-Fi vs. Low
  • Average vs. Good
  • Good is enough
  • Accumulation vs. Making the Jump


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Twitter: notrob
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